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Outcropping Stone

Our natural outcropping is the perfect, rustic addition to any landscape. Whether you're building a retaining wall, adding garden accents, building multi-level landscapes, or needing landscaping stone, our historic natural stone is the premier choice.

What is outcropping?

Outcropping occurs when rocks and stones are structured in such a way that they extend out, over, or beyond their base. This occurs naturally as bedrock or ancient superficial deposits are uncovered from the surface of the Earth via erosion or tectonic uplift. A few natural examples include these granite outcrops in Poland and this outcrop in California.













This can also occur as a result of human excavation, such as quarrying, and the building of transport routes. Utilizing nature's blueprint, we add this same intrinsic elegance to your home. The use of our outcropping stone as a natural hardscape adds a serene sense of beauty and resilience to your landscape. The durability of our natural outcropping stone ensures a timeless accent that will remain for years to come. Not to mention that since we are a quarry, and not a middleman,  we are able to give our customers the lowest-priced stone around. We have far more inventory than pictured below, so we always recommend that if you're interested, swing by and check out our supply.

granite outcropping example.JPG
Granite outcrops at Silesian Stones Mountain in southwestern Poland
Outcrop in the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park of southern California


4" - 8" thick | $260/ton or $0.13/lb


4" - 8" thick | $260/ton or $0.13/lb

White/Grey + Buff/Rusty

9" - 24" thick | $350/ton or $0.18/lb

White/Grey + Buff/Rusty (Extra Large)

Call for Pricing

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