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Landscaping Rocks

Whether you're looking to create small, gorgeous pathways or spice up your landscaping, our durable landscaping rocks are the perfect touch for any scenario.

What are landscaping rocks?

Much like our stepping stones, our landscaping rocks are flat stones primarily used to create natural, safe paths around your landscape and property. They constitute a walkway used to navigate the terrain and in between structures throughout your property. These stones can be a centerpiece, acting as the main attraction that makes your garden or landscape pop, or accentuating the most beautiful aspects of your garden or landscaping. Stacking our landscaping rocks on top of one another will also work well as an even smaller wall or border. 

Our natural stone provides a secure, slip-resistant path through wet or muddy areas. Utilizing our landscaping rocks is a cost-effective route to preserving the natural look of your landscape. Landscaping rocks can also be placed on top of or between paved surfaces to minimize the expenses of expansion along with connecting separate areas and creating variety for your home and garden. Aside from all of the aesthetic enhancements, natural stone will provide additional benefits in stabilizing soil and minimizing deterioration.
We have far more inventory than pictured below, so we always recommend that if you're interested, swing by and check out our supply.       


$250/ton or $0.13/lb (Approx. 2 ton per pallet)


$250/ton or $0.13/lb (Approx. 2 ton per pallet)

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