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Bromberek Flagstone - Outcroppin (4).jpg


Most of our inventory is mined right out of the earth on site. Our supply includes a plethora of landscaping stones such as outcropping stones, stepping stones, landscaping rocks, random ashlar stones, snapped drywall (wall stone), loose limestone, and even a limited selection of imported stones.* We can custom fabricate any stone to any specified size and shape along with custom engraving any stone desired. We take great pride in being the last quarry in operation to harvest historic Joliet/Lemont limestone, but we take even more pride in our ability to offer the LOWEST priced stone around. We also offer local delivery and nationwide importing and exporting on ALL of our inventory. We have far more inventory than listed below, so we always recommend that you swing by and check out our supply.


*We do have a limited selection of imported stone from across the states, although it won't be uploaded until the Spring.*

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